Keri Smith, Buyer’s Specialist Assistant

Keri Smith is our Buyer’s Specialist Assistant and enjoys helping people see the true potential in a home while helping them find what best fits their needs. She has been in charge of multiple home remodeling projects and has acted as the general contractor in building one of her own homes.  Keri is well-aware of the joys and frustrations of the home-buying and selling process and has firsthand experience working in various real estate markets. Keri loves using her skills and practical knowledge to help buyers make confident decisions and feel at peace while navigating the home buying process.

+Up close and personal:  Keri and her husband, Andrew, have four children and love living in Richmond’s Northside. She enjoys home projects that involve restoring, repurposing, and decorating for the sake of beauty and hospitality. Cooking big meals and feasting around the table with family and friends is a common activity in her home. Keri also loves spending time in this wonderful city, enjoying the James River, the VMFA, and the many different donut establishments around town.