Making a house your home


Once you have navigated the process of finding the right home, making an offer, closing and moving on in, the fun really begins!  We love hearing from our home owners about their favorite spots in their homes, about their ideas for design or remodels, or about little things they have done here and there to make their house, you know, theirs.  This month, some of our lovely homeowners share some of their favorite spots within their new walls, and we are thrilled to share them with you!

The Haden Home:

We have been in our Byrd Park home for over 5 years.  We love this room, because this is where we start our days with breakfast, books, and coloring, too. Chapin and our dog, Aquinnah, love to watch birds and squirrels from the windows throughout the day. The south facing room gets great light all day, which is perfect for reading or painting! For gatherings, this room is the perfect kid table — and a great place for a cocktail station when the kids have gone to bed.

The Hendrix Home:

IMG_0260 (1)

We love this room, because we never thought we would actually use a formal living room in this stage of life with young kids.  But, we do!  The big bay window makes this an inviting room for afternoon naps, a winter fire, or drinks and dessert with friends.

IMG_0266 IMG_0268

The Jenvey Home:


What I love most about our home is not the house itself. Don’t get me wrong, I love the character of cracked plaster and semi-sloped floors! But what I enjoy most is that our home allows us the space to be surrounded by the people and things we love. Take this spot in our bedroom — I love the canvas, a gift from our parents, because when I look at it I am reminded of one of the best days of our life together. And one of my most cherished possessions is the makeup table that belonged to my grandmother. Some of my fondest memories of my grandmother are of her putting on her makeup at that table while sitting in that exact chair. And now, I have the privilege of getting ready every morning at the same table.

Jenvey - KBREG

The Langan Family:


This is probably my favorite spot in our house. Everything we own has some nostalgic value. I like to read in this chair and watch our neighbors walk by with their dogs and baby strollers. Every single item in this picture is either thrifted or found. We thrifted this chair when we moved in our first house and my mom found the cat pillow, it always makes me laugh she would get that for me. All the little things on the mantle like seashells and rocks have been collected by our kids, they also found the vintage globe piggy bank. The snake plants remind me of my grandma(she always had some around) and when I saw the little replica painting of The Fairy Tale – 1890 by Sir Walter Firle I had to have it since it’s the perfect representation of my sister, my cousin and I reading on grandma’s couch. All these little things make it feel like our home.



What is it that makes your house feel uniquely yours?  We love hearing about the special spots in your home or the unique ways that you have decorated and designed things or chosen to remodel or renovate your space to better suit your needs and tastes.  We’d love to hear what you love about your home!

Snap a photo and tag us @kbreg_rva on Instagram, or send us an email–we’d love to hear from you!

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