What is it like to buy and sell during a pandemic? Part 2

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has affected most areas of our lives. From the way we work, live, travel and make decisions… COVID-19 has hit just about every life circumstance and situation. For those making home buying and selling decisions, doing so amid a pandemic is no small undertaking. We chatted with a few of our clients who made these tough decisions and trusted our team to guide them through the process. Here’s what the Woodfin family had to say:

What was it like for you to make the decision to move forward with moving during a pandemic? (what fears/concerns did you face? in what areas did you feel sure/unsure?)

In many ways, our situation was unique. We were so excited to be finishing Grant’s residency in another state and to be returning to Richmond. However, we were concerned because we knew it would be almost impossible to travel to Richmond to look at houses. We were also concerned because of the competitive market in Richmond.  We actually did not see our home in person until we moved to Richmond, weeks after we purchased our home. But we love our new home.

What (if anything) were you surprised by in the midst of your process? (was there anything easier or more complicated about the process than you were expecting, specific to the pandemic?)

I think we were initially surprised that the market was so busy in the beginning of the pandemic. Technology also helped simplify the process with FaceTime and conference calls.

Was there anything about the pandemic specifically that caused you to make this decision earlier than you were expecting? (need of home office, yard, etc). Or, were you planning to move anyway and if so, did you think about reconsidering due to the timing of the pandemic?

We were planning to move anyway, so the pandemic only complicated our plans. We had no options to reconsider timing due to the start of a new job.

How did the current competitive market in RVA impact your transactions both on the buy and sell side?

We definitely were more aggressive in our offer because of the competitive market.  This is where Kelly and Kim’s experience was invaluable.

In what ways did the KellyBlanchardReal Estate Group exceed your expectations? 

We were so thankful for their experience and expertise.  From talking about neighborhoods, to looking at houses for us, to the complicated details of the inspection, we could not have survived this experience without Kelly and Kim.  They went above and beyond, especially since we could not be here in person, they had an extra burden to carry for us.

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