While the winter weather and rain are keeping you cozied up indoors and longing for signs of spring, it’s a great opportunity for you to start prepping your home to sell fast in the upcoming spring market!  We are here to

help with our Home Staging 101 Tips!Did you know that all of our clients are offered the option of a free Home Staging Consultation? We help you plan and prioritize what needs to be done so that you can focus your energy on packing to move into your wonderful new home!  Our Home Staging Consultant, Shannon Reppard, shares her tried and true staging tips to help you get a head start on your move. Don’t hesitate to contact us to list your home and set up your Home Staging Consultation! We love working with you!

MAKE IT SHINE!Exterior Front - Welcome to 2404 Stuart Avenue

Repair all cracks and touch up walls; or, give main living rooms (and any other rooms in need) a fresh coat of neutral paint.  Clean, scrub, & let your home shine!  Clean those carpets, too–do whatever you need to do to get rid of Fido’s fluffy locks and scent from your home.  Don’t forget your exterior doors and shutters–a freshly painted exterior can really make a house stand out!


Get a jumpstart on your move by beginning to sort, purge, donate, and pack now!  Go ahead and pack all valuables and collections.  Plan to pack up at least 50% of your home (most need to pack up more!)-–including furniture.  Work with young Bobby to pare down his toys, Lego explosion, and train collection as well–centralize children’s toys in their rooms as opposed to main living areas.  Pack and store all out of season clothes or holiday decorations.  Doing this work on the front end makes for a much smoother process when you move:  Think of this as the first step to actually moving out of your house.  It’s not personal–it’s a wise decision and a great first step to getting you and your family out of the door of your current home and into the doors of your lovely new home!  Remember that as potential buyers are strolling through your cute abode, they are likely to travel from room to room together and with their agent–allowing for more open space (and less furniture) is a grand plan!  Wondering where to start?  Pick an overflowing closet or “Junk room” and start in that one area:  sort items to be thrown away, donated, or stored and then go for it!


Help buyers see your wonderful space by removing personal photos, quotes, and opinions (anything religious/political or otherwise).  Show off the areas of your home that you love–like those great built-in bookshelves on either side of your fireplace.  You want your buyer’s eyes to be on your lovely home and not on that amazing photo of your handsome husband!





Show as much open space in your home (and closets) as you can.  During showings of your home, keep your curtains and blinds open to allow for natural light, and turn your fans on low.  Make sure all art is hung at eye level, and limit artwork to three small pieces or one large piece of art.  Declutter all surfaces in your home, keeping items to three small decorative items or one larger item per surface.  In the kitchen, pack or relocate as much as you can to show off your nice, clean countertops; and, tidy up the front of your fridge–go ahead and bite the bullet and remove your awesome magnetic photo montage until you have a new fridge to decorate!



Remove hanging clothes, store out-of-season clothes, and pare down your amazing selection of puffy coats to open space in your closet.  Clear all items from the floor of your closets, keep closet shelving neatly organized (think: woven baskets or nice looking bins), and allow for open space on the shelves as well.  Show off your storage space to your new buyer by allowing them to see  o p e n   s p a c e!



Make a great first impression with colorful plants on your porch, a new doormat, mulch in your flower beds, and even a front door color that pops!  Power-wash, if needed.  Help make that new home owner feel right at home from the start!  And, while your at it, cut your grass, trim bushes, and remove any dead plants so that when your new home owner walks out of your house and turns to take that one last look, they are absolutely SOLD!


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[Each of these photos–from the messy bedroom to the meticulous pantry–is from a home that

the Kelly Blanchard Real Estate Group has helped our clients buy or sell!

Isn’t that a fun fact?  We knew you’d like that!  These homes are gorgeous!]

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