If you were considering buying or selling your home in 2020, the unprecedented circumstances we are currently living in likely have you wondering what your next step should be. With health and financial uncertainties at the forefront for most of us, these are understandably unsure times. Whether you should put your house on the market now, wait until things get back to normal, or put off your moving plans indefinitely, the decision you make as a homeowner must be based on the unique details of your current situation. If you are thinking through these possibilities, please know that we at Kelly Blanchard Real Estate Group would be happy to talk through options with you and help you better understand what is currently happening in the Richmond real estate market.

The good news is that no matter what the immediate or distant future holds, there are steps you can take now  for getting your house ready to sell or simply making it a happier place to live. With so much time at home throughout the quarantine- and during such a beautiful time of year- many families have been spending much more time outside than usual. For that reason, we are going to focus on the outside of your home this month and consider ways to add curb appeal, either for the market or just to make it a more enjoyable place for you to be!

First impressions are everything, and potential home buyers generally form their first impression of a home from the outside. Here are some tips for achieving an attractive and well-maintained landscape that can add to the value of your home as well as add to your enjoyment of your home while you live in it. 

Tackle the obvious repairs. 

By repairing chipped paint, leaky faucets, loose handrails, and leaking gutters, you can help potential buyers focus on your home’s positive qualities , and you will save time and money by eliminating needless negotiations.  In the meantime, marking small repair jobs off of your list will make your yard a more relaxing place for you and your family to spend time.


No matter how nicely your grass and hedges are manicured, if the yard is cluttered, it will detract from the pleasure of outdoor relaxation and entertaining, as well as cause potential buyers to question your home maintenance. So roll up your sleeves and declutter your yard.  Throw out unused garden containers, split or broken hoses, and broken garden tools and equipment.  Consider giving away a playset that is no longer used. Purge outdoor toys and gather the keepers in an organized fashion. You will be amazed how much you can change your surroundings simply by decluttering!

Tend to landscaped beds, trees, and shrubs.

Make sure any beds have clean weed-free edges to distinguish them from the yard. Tackle any overlooked pruning chores because dead branches and overgrown hedges signal neglect.  If a plant is in such bad shape that it needs to be removed, replace it  with another plant or a decorative pot. Add a fresh layer of mulch to your garden beds to highlight the colors of the surrounding plants and flowers. 
Add instant color in beds and containers.

Colorful container plants add interest to patios and doorways where would-be buyers enter and exit the house. Seasonal color makes the landscape pop, and inexpensive annuals tend to make homeowners and home buyers feel happy and excited about the idea of time outdoors.

Clean up water features.

Make sure any water features are free of leaves or algae. Clean filters so that water runs clear. Streams, ponds, and fountains are meant to add a feeling of peace and relaxation to the environment, so make sure they are not doing the opposite!

Power-wash dirty surfaces.

Consider buying or renting a power washer.  With a little time and effort, you can make dirty paved surfaces look brand new. Power washers also do a great job of cleaning fences as well as brick and vinyl siding.  

When potential buyers are touring your home, you want them to be able to picture themselves playing with kids in the backyard and entertaining guests on the back patio. And if you aren’t ready to move, remember that all of those things are likely what you pictured for yourself when choosing your home.  Some hours spent cleaning up and making small repairs can give you many more hours of relaxation and fun or give you a head start when you are ready to sell! 

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